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‘Captain Walter Kennedy’

Kennedy was a pickpocket & burglar before sailing from New Providence Island in the Bahamas in 1718 with Hywel Davies.

After Davies’ murder in June 1719, Kennedy, following the plan laid out by Bartholomew Roberts, together with about 30 others, attacked the fort at Principe Island to avenge Davies’ death.   Kennedy was given second-in-command by the crew of, the Rover in appreciation of his bravery. Bartholomew Roberts was in supreme command.   They sailed to Brazil where they captured a Portuguese ship carrying rich booty.   While Captain Roberts was on their most recent captured sloop, the Fortune, Kennedy left both, the Rover & the prize.

For a detailed of this account and that leading up to this point in time, visit my parent page which are the memoirs of Captain Roberts.

Walter Kennedy's Flag The crew, so many conject, assumed that their Captain, Bartholomew Roberts, and the rest of their crew, had perished in a storm or by other means and believing they were not returning, after an eleven days wait voted to return to their homeland & split up the booty.   Whilst en route Kennedy, having an insufficient number of men to sail both ships was prompted to give the Portuguese ship to a captive English captain and continue on his way to Ireland, but not being much of a navigator, found himself on the coast of Scotland.

Captain Kennedy The majority of his crew were captured & hanged, but Kennedy escaped going to Dublin, however, eventually returning to England, he set up a house of prostitution, supplementing his income by way of from burglary when one of his prostitutes turned him in to the authorities for robbery.   Recognized in prison, circa 1721, he was tried and sentenced to hang for piracy.   When he saw the gallows he fainted.   Walter Kennedy was amid a rather long winded speech when he was choked off by the hangman’s noose.

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