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Captain Thomas Anstis

In 1718, Anstis (who was British) sailed under a Welsh Captain, Hywel Davies until he was murdered in June, 1719.   Afterwhich Bartholomew Roberts’, also a Welshman, was elected Captain. During the time that Captain Roberts captured an 18 gun Brigantine in the West Indies (which was renamed the Good Fortune).   As they approached Africa in April, 1721, Anstis was made Captain of the Good Fortune & shortly thereafter he made off with the ship.   Anstis sailed to the Carribbean where he plundered 3 or 4 Merchant ships.   Sometime later, Anstis seized a large ship, the Morning Star, armed with 21 guns.   John Fenn (also British, started his piratical career sailing with Roberts) became her Captain.   Unfortunately these two Captains could not get along & together they decided to quit pirating.   They petitioned the king for pardons stating they were forced into piracy by Captain Roberts.   While awaiting a response they camped on an unihabited island off Cuba.   By August 1722, nine months, without a response they decided to return to their piratical activities.   A Storm at Sea A storm came upon them & Fenn's ship, the Morning Star, was wrecked on Grand Cayman Island & while Anstis was saving Fenn & his crew, two British warships arrived on the scene.   Fortunately, Anstis had the devils own luck & in the heart of this crisis the savage winds died down, which allowed the pirates to row the Good Fortune to safety.   After getting under sail again they went on the hunt, capturing another ship to replace Fenns.   In fact they seized several ships.   In April 1723 the pirates were careening their ships at Tobago when they were surprised by a warship & again Fenn's ship was lost & he fled into the woods only to be captured a day later.   He was tried and hanged at Antigua.   Anstis', on the other hand, luck was holding & he managed to out sail the warship.
For unknown reasons his crew mutinied & Anstis was murdered.

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