[The speech made by a fellow crewman which lead to Bartholomew Roberts being elected the new Captain.]

Davis being cut off in the manner beforemention’d, the Company found themselves under a Necessity of filling up his Post, for which there appear’d two or three Candidates among the select Part of them, that were distinguish’d by the Title of Lords, such were Sympson, Ashplant, Anstis, Etc.. and on cancassing this Matter, how shatter’d and weak a Condition their Government must be without a Head, since Davis' had been removed, in the manner beforemention’d, my Lord Dennis proposed; "its said, over a Blow to this Purpose."

"That it was not of any great Signification who was dignify’d with Title; for really and in Truth, all good Governemts had (like theirs) the Supream Power lodged with the Community, who might doubtless depute and revoke as suited Interest or Humour, We are the original of this claim (says he) and should a Captain be so sawcy as to exceed prescription at any time, why down with Him! it will be a Caution after he is dead to his Successors, of what fatal Consequence any sort of assuming may be. However , it is my Advice, that, while we are sober, we pitch upon a Man of Courage, and skill’d in Navigation, one, who by his Council and Bravery seems best able to defend this Commonwealth, and ward us from the Dangers and Tempests of an instable Element, and the fatal Consequences of Anarchy; and such a one I take Roberts to be. A Fellow; I think, in all Respects, worthy your Esteem and Favour."

This Speech was loudly applauded by all but Lord Sympson, who had secret Expectations himself, but on this Disappointment, grew sullen; and left them swearing, he did not care who they chose Captain, it was not a Papist, for against them he had conceive’d an irreconcilable Hatred, for that his Father had been a Sufferer in Monmouth’s Rebellion.

[as quoted verbatim from: A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates, by Captain Charles Johnson; pub. 1724]

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